Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Half an oscillator and some LED fun

A full 8 Unit box. Oscillator is a work-in-progress. The 'LED array' is just a bit of fun!

3 new modules and a 2U blank

Added 'Noise', 'Ring Modulator' and 'Multiples' modules, the layout of which are based on the synthesizer.com's equivalents. The red recessed buttons are meant to be like the ones used on the Roland System 700. Basic screws (to be remodelled later) have been placed in each unit's mounting holes.

Sliders and blanking plate

Slider controls built and added, three-per unit. Also created a single unit (1U) blanking plate. Notice the edges of each unit have been silvered - a bit like the synthesizers.com modules.

First module and rudimentary mounting box

The first module is a 'sandbox' for testing the placement of components. Here we have a knob with a 0-10 scale (based on the 'Glide Rate' knob on my Moog Voyager). Also modelled are three 1/4" jack sockets and three 5mm red LEDs in holders. The module's plate has holes drilled in the appropriate places for each component and also has two mounting holes for screwing it into the mounting box.