Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Tonight I modeled-up some simple red LEDs in black plastic clips as can be seen next to the sockets in the image above.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Rebuilding the modules in SolidWorks

I'm pleased with how the remodelling has turned out. The new Moog-styled selector knob was something that I'd been putting off for quite some time, but the results are better than I'd hoped for. To get back to where I was with the previous (pre-SolidWorks) renderings I need to model a mini toggle switch, an LED and a jack plug.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

A green Casio VL-1... Whatever next?!

Putting my newly acquired SolidWorks skills to the test last night resulted in the image above. Green makes it look a bit like a Melodica! Still some work to do, but overall I'm very pleased with the way it's working out.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Comments? (please)

I'd love to get some feedback on the work you've seen here so far. Perhaps if you have a couple of minutes you could hit the 'Comments' link below and let me have your thoughts? What works? What doesn't? What next? Suggestions? Thanks!


I'm currently putting some effort into learning how to use the SolidWorks 3D CAD package. It's hopefully going to open up new ways of doing things - particularly when I start work on the SK-1 and VL-1 models I'm planning. Watch this space...

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Improving the case

Today I spent some time cutting a groove all the way around the front of the case and filling it in with a rounded chamfer. A great deal more work than it looks!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Just messing...

Patching using the Patch Cable Generator

Here you see the results of feeding the X, Y and Z co-ordinates of some of the jack sockets into my Patch Cable Generator: