Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Comments? (please)

I'd love to get some feedback on the work you've seen here so far. Perhaps if you have a couple of minutes you could hit the 'Comments' link below and let me have your thoughts? What works? What doesn't? What next? Suggestions? Thanks!


yusynth said...

Well, it looks very nice so far and better since you changed the perspective to something more reallistic.

I would suggest that you improve the look of the jack sockets which in most systems (synthesizers.com...) are not hidden and show their nut (if I may say so...)

RichyHo said...

Thanks yusynth. I will look at recreating the jack sockets shortly. The ones that I've used to date are based on the ones on my Dad's old Roland System 700. I think that although not realistic if you look at the pictures from a 'dotcom' point of view, the design is somewhat subtler.